I first got in touch with Prof. Pierre Beaudry after winning the Lugano Competition. He is a meticulous and passionate artist devoted to music. As teacher thanks to his wide knowledge and his vivid intellectual curiosity, he’s able to talk to the hearth of his students enriching them as musicians without losing a profound respect for their artistic identity, being this way a best mentor. In the music world we need more people like him.

Carmine Catalano, graduate in performance from the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg, Austria
Guitar Teacher at the Tiroler Musikschulwerk, Austria
Grand Prize Winner, World Classical Music Awards, London, England, 2023


Pierre Beaudry is an absolutely exceptional teacher. I had lessons with him for half a year and my level of playing has grown more than I could have expected. Pierre helped me a lot with my guitar technique and raised the level of my performance practice. The lessons were always very professional, but at the same time there was a very pleasant atmosphere. Pierre was always prepared for lessons and always ready to face the problem I had at the time. Thanks to him, I immediately started taking higher places in competitions and playing better concerts. Pierre Beaudry is a great teacher and I can recommend him to any guitarist.

Mateusz Wojcik, 2nd prize at the Katowice International Guitar Competition, Poland, 2023
Student in performance at the Academy of Music in Kraków, Poland


Pierre Beaudry is an amazing teacher. He pays a lot of attention to both musical and technical issues. He can always find interesting pieces and choose a wonderful fingering for them.
Pierre differs from other guitarists in his special approach to playing guitar and his understanding of music. This makes lessons with him very interesting.
I started studying with Pierre one year and a half ago and during this time my understanding of music and technique has changed a lot and became more professional.
I can recommend Pierre Beaudry to any guitarist, regardless of their age and skill level, because he will always find a special approach for everyone and thanks to him, you will definitely learn something interesting about playing guitar that you never knew before.

Viktoria Lypa, laureate at the Sound Espressivo Global Competition, USA, category 14-16, 2022
Student in performance at the University of Bratislava, Slovakia (accepted in performance at the Tchaikovsky National Academy of Music, Kiev, Ukraine)