I am professor of guitar at the Tiziano Rossetti International Music Academy in Switzerland. I offer lessons online, making them accessible to students worldwide no matter their location. Admissions are possible at any time of the year.

I work with students to strengthen and master their technique and musicianship, which are keystones to building a successful, international career.

Performance practice is taught, with the appropriate techniques to the period of style, from Renaissance to Romantic.
My studies of harmony, counterpoint and musical form, in historical context
(non-schematic), and philosophy of music, have informed my unconventional approach to music performance: I encourage my students to question traditional ways of performing music and to develop their personal creativity through our process.

In addition to taking part in important events organized by the Academy, students also have opportunities to work on projects like preparing a CD or video and to receive specialized coaching for international competitions.

Lessons can be given in English, French or German.

My class at the Academy (since January 2023)

Viktoria Lypa (Ukraine/Slovakia)
Tomasz Radziszewski (Poland) https://youtube/tqdQFY7KsDk
Mateusz Wojcik (Poland)
Chinnawat Themkumkwun (Thailand) https://youtube/5yizxeWk3KE
Cosma Ricci (Italy)
Angelica Rodriguez (Paraguay/Italy) https://youtube/MNLCwN0jW3g
Alberto Ruocco (Italy)
Carmine Catalano (Austria)
Teodor Stefan Florescu (Italy)
Barkan Canbolat (Turkey)
Francesco Emanuele Di Iorio (Italy) https://youtube/G4jCIph9IYc
Giuseppe Ugo Mazzone (Italy)
Antonio Speciale (Italy)
Sergio Sensi (England)
Thomas Petrucci (Italy)
Aires Pinheiro (Portugal)