Johann Sebastian Bach, Prelude BWV 995


Joaquín Rodrigo, Invocatión y Danza


Leo Brouwer, La Espiral Eterna


Carlo Domeniconi, Koyunbaba
I Moderato, II Mosso, IV Presto




Beaudry’s delicate, meticulous playing allowed the instrument to speak for itself, to hear the music as if one was playing the guitar from the composer’s viewpoint, as an exploration of musical ideas and possibilities.

The Island Grapewine, BC, Canada


“Pierre Beaudry displayed in the work (J. S. Bach’s Chaconne) a remarquable sense of structure and an attentiveness to the melodic line which commanded much admiration. (…) …the Decameron Negro by Leo Brouwer, a profound work with exceptional acoustics outstandingly performed by the guitarist.”

L’Express de Neuchâtel, Switzerland



With a clean articulation and a fluid left-hand technique, Beaudry effortlessly picked out sinuous melodic lines and arabesques over insistent ostinato figures, and dispatched a couple of dazzling runs without batting an eyelid. In this piece (Suite from Domeniconi) as in the stunning performance of a fiendishly difficult study (No.12) by Villa-Lobos, he demonstrated an assured left-hand technique, gliding swiftly up and down the fingerboard with absolute control.”

The Straits Time, Singapore


“While performing La Espiral Eterna (Leo Brouwer), which has no clear-cut pitch, rhythm or mode, he has precisely interpreted the delicate variations of sound, demonstrating his extensive knowledge and long-term exploration into the arts. Beaudry’s performance was a magnificent success, giving three encores and taking curtain calls up to four times, which is the best result guitarists have obtained in the last ten years.”

Shanghai Music Paper, China


“Canadian guitar maestro Pierre Beaudry… Beaudry has an exceptionally clean touch and produces tones clear as a bell, both of which are important in playing Bach’s compositions with their multiple melodic lines. We can only hope that Jakarta will be graced more often by the brilliance of this artist.”

Jakarta Post, Indonesia


“To hear Mr. Beaudry is a memorable experience. His agility on the fingerboard and his wide range of tone color must be heard to be believed. He is a first-rate musician and technician, gifted with a clear tone that makes every note vibrant with life.”

Business World, Manila, Philippines